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Did You Know the Cause of 90% of all Diseases are From Toxins in the Body?

The stresses of modern day life challenge our health from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. Stress is at the core of our physical and emotional digestion. Just the pressure of living our everyday lives affects our health on a daily basis. Stress is a major toxin.

And the cause of 90% of all diseases are from Toxins in the body!

These toxins circulate continuously throughout the body, affecting all our body systems. This is called Auto-Intoxification - the body re-poisoning itself over and over again.

With that in mind, we believe one of the first steps in rediscovering your vital health, is to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Toxins are rampant in our bodies from our food, our environment, stress, injuries and other trauma resulting in numerous health problems such as allergies, arthritis, constipation, digestion, edema, low immune system function such as cold/flu, pain, physical and mental fatigue, plus other symptoms.

These may be your symptoms of ill health but the cause is what you need to address.

And That's What Colon Hydrotherapy Is All About!  Watch This Video To Learn More...

Colon Hydrotherapy: Fact & Fiction by Brenda Watson, CNC

Find out how Colon Hydrotherapy changed my life - Read Now

Cleansing Therapies For Health & Vitality

We promote and provide multiple levels of cleansing through the use of numerous therapies depending on your individual needs.

Also, the best therapy for stress is Biofeedback Stress Management.

Consultations to determine the therapies most beneficial for you & your goals are available. Cleansing is essential for Health. Stress Reduction may be a necessity.

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