Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Deep Cleansing With Colon Hydrotherapy

by Norma J. Hope
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

It’s a fact that 90% of all diseases are caused by toxins in the body.

Toxin and waste accumulation in the body happen gradually over time and are caused by two main factors: stress and dehydration.

The most effective way to deal with these toxins is regular cleansing. There’s just no quick fix for what took years to accumulate. What occurred in layers also needs to be released in layers.

And stored toxins aren’t just physical – there is an emotional component too. Therefore each time you cleanse, you go deeper and experience a different reconnection to yourself. Your physical body gets cleansed but so do the emotions and traumas you’ve stored too.

The belly tightens automatically without you even realizing it when you’re not seen and heard or triggered otherwise. It started in childhood for all of us; that little belly tights when a parent says something seemingly harmless like: “Don’t be silly” or “Don’t be stupid.”

This isn’t about bashing mom or dad as none of us had perfect parents, nor are we perfect. This is about reacquainting you with you - with your body that you separated from as a child. Even being told: “That doesn’t hurt; you’re okay” when you fell and scraped your knee, made your little belly tighten because in that moment you weren’t okay and it did hurt. Having your feelings validated (heard) in the moment allows the belly and the body to stay open and loose.

This constant internal tightening anywhere in the body was an unconscious survival technique that happened automatically in each of us as children, but now that we are adults, it is time to acknowledge and unwind those traumas being held all these years.

My belly was and is still my bodyguard. It will tighten when I am triggered by something or someone but now I feel it immediately. Just acknowledging what it is and how I am feeling automatically allows the tightening to let go in that moment or not happen fully.

However, one of the reasons I can ‘feel’ my belly is because of all the cleansing I’ve done to help it become soft and open again. Cleansing really does get you BACK to you. Your body feels like it’s yours again.

I hear clients often say: “I didn’t know how tight I was in my belly until it wasn’t tight anymore” or “I didn’t know how toxic I really was until I wasn’t.”

Unwinding tight places through cleansing with colon hydrotherapy and lymph therapy is a process that is both gentle and successful. Being the youngest of six, I didn’t get heard and seen often. My belly was an old wounded place which is why my cleansing (to get the layers of old waste off the walls of the colon) took 14 sessions over time. I had no idea that old mucoid, greyish-black, tarry stuff was in there until I saw it come out during the colon hydrotherapy sessions (as you can too).

Each of us tightens somewhere in our body when we are under stress. Many of us ignore how we are really feeling or are ashamed when we feel. Shame causes tightening very deeply in the belly. What you feel in your body is your truth NOT what your mind thinks you feel. Emotional tightening happens unconsciously, automatically, in a millisecond and can take hours or days to undo just from one event, let alone years of it.

This is why it will take time to cleanse - to relax and rehydrate. It also requires trust to relax enough to even let go of the deeply layered places - those tight little vulnerable kid places inside. That really old stuff, both physically and emotionally need water time to unwind.

Tighten your fist over and over and over again and you will get an idea of how your colon feels after years of physically and emotionally ‘feeling’ everything you didn’t feel.

The bad news is just drinking water is not going to hydrate the body or colon enough to rehydrate and remove the layers of dehydrated waste off the walls nor is taking herbs. The good news is water is still the best medicine but the colon needs to actually receive it.

Picture the job that a glass of water has. As you drink this water it has to travel a minimum of at least 29 feet inside your body to even get to just the very beginning of your colon.

Before it even gets to your colon which is the primary location of all toxicity in the body, the water you drank is used by the stomach, small intestine, liver, lymph, kidneys, muscles and other organs and tissues. And after 29 feet of all that you still have more than five feet of colon to saturate and travel through to bowel movement. The healthy transit time for food is 18 hours from mouth to anus; liquids only slightly less.

Putting water in at the source by doing consecutive colon hydrotherapy does hydrate enough and is soothing when done at your body’s own pace with a personalized protocol. Lymph Therapy moves the body effortlessly into a parasympathetic state of relaxation which allows for easy releasing at deep levels everywhere in the body

Drinking that same glass of water or eating food while running out the door or when in a stressful situation makes the absorption factor of fluid and nutrients drastically reduced because your body is tight making passageways smaller, contracted. It’s like a garden hose that is all twisted up or your tight fist; nothing is moving or very little.

For example, you are approached by someone who annoys or triggers you. Before you can even tell yourself NOT to get uptight, your colon (your belly brain) has tightened like a fist or twisted up like a mangled garden hose. It is the tightening we need to pay attention to and then we are truly living in our body and we will be healthier for it; no more holding on.

It is the tightening that traps fecal matter and the toxins from that matter stick in the colon. The lymph system gets sluggish from the tightening but also from picking up toxins in the fluid surrounding that abdominal area, transporting those toxins throughout the body, poisoning the body over and over again.

Removing this matter is only achieved well and fully by saturating the area gently with water over and over again during colon hydrotherapy. Over time the deeper levels are saturated also to achieve absolute cleansing. This cleansing rids the body of 90% of all symptoms like fatigue, skin problems and many more including an emptier, flatter soft belly that feels like it is yours again. Deep emotional holding is allowed to surface and lets go as the layers are removed (memories of events unconsciously held as a child).

I used to drink three litres of water a day for years and do herbal kits for cleansing. I got short term relief. After doing consecutive colon hydrotherapy and lymph therapy I got ‘all of me’ back including my giggle and sense of well-being.

It is not talked about but I know that you know the great feeling you have when you have a really well done bowel movement. It really is a fully satisfying experience. How long has it been since you felt that? That feeling should happen three times a day if you are eating three meals a day. Imagine how many meals and years of meals may have accumulated in there?


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