GForm Microcurrent

Reshape or Cleanse Yourself Effortlessly!


A necessary component with any internal cleansing program and the first line of treatment we usually recommend · Eliminates excess lymphatic fluids, toxins, waste products & fatty acid build-up · Stimulates & optimizes lymphatic system · Increases lymphatic transport capacity · Increases body’s rate of healing by improving blood flow which delivers nutrients & oxygen · Reduces stress on liver & other organs


Micro amounts of electrical current to help relieve acute or chronic pain and heal the soft tissues of the body · Painless and accelerated healing · Excellent for soft tissue inflammation or muscle spasm. Actually increases muscle tone · Decreases swelling and inflammation · Relieves acute and chronic pain · Relieves muscle trigger points · Improves soft tissue regeneration


A single 45 minute GWave treatment will equal or surpass the effectiveness of five hours of targeted exercise such as crunches or sit-ups! The G Wave can actually be used to specifically target and treat your troublesome areas – the ones that never seem to respond to diet and exercise. Build & tone muscles on a cellular level. Firm and strengthen tissue.

ELECTROLIPOLYSIS (Fat Cell Elimination)

This G Wave treatment is virtually painless, with none of the long term side-effects of plastic surgery and absolutely STUNNING RESULTS! · Split triglycerides into free fatty acids, which then pass freely through the cell membrane · Increase circulatory flow to remove toxins and other waste by-products caused by the breakdown of fats We also offer InnerWave© Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy & Vibrational healing This non-invasive technology futher balances the nervous system, boosts the immune system and produces a measureable 20% to 30% increase in result progress! Utilizing the InnerWave© during all Gwave treatments boosts the healing conditions. For more information check out this additional information on and stress or call Norma at (780) 477-1100.

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