Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine

Your Journey to Self-Discovery & Self-Healing

by Norma J. Hope
Spiritual Healer

The newest therapy in my toolbox for myself and for clients is Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Therapy.

I am now a “Spiritual Healer.” It feels like my own healing is coming full circle yet the learnings and teachings still carry on in me and for my clients.

My own awakening as a spiritual warrior, my personal journey of self-discovery, of self-healing, started without my really knowing it at the time (in 1997) when I chose to do Colon Hydrotherapy for the first time. It began my profound life change from being an independent insurance adjuster of 20 years to being a certified therapist and healer.

Each of us has a purpose in this lifetime. Are you living your life’s purpose? Are you being the person you are truly, authentically, meant to be?  Or are you trapped in your wounds, your injuries, your issues and your childhood hurts as I once was? Is your childhood survival programming still running your adult life, covering up your most sacred self that you are?

Each day, pause and be aware that the universe places choices in front of us. What we choose, tells the universe whether or not we are ready for the next step on our intended path, emotionally and spiritually.

I was born into a family of neglect, abuse and trauma. I have fully accepted this was the life plan the universe created for me before I was even born. I chose to become a spiritual warrior, to heal. It was not an easy journey. My woundedness isn’t who I am anymore and it was worth every single tear, every hopeless pit feeling that I had to drag myself out of.

Becoming a spiritual warrior is a choice you make to embrace self-discovery, identifying and healing your past wounds/injuries/issues. It can start with healing physical symptoms (constipation/irritable bowel syndrome) as mine did and so many of my clients, or you can jump right into the real cause of physical symptoms which is always the emotional/spiritual wounding we carry from the time we were conceived to nine years old.

Approximately 95% of all physical ailments/dis-ease, are caused by stress (including toxicity). That is why Biofeedback Stress Reduction Therapy works so well. It identifies and balances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress reactivity to bring calmness and to provide a clearer landscape of the underlying emotional wounds.

Wounds of abandonment, rejection, self-worth (self love), betrayal and many more are healable. Examples of abandonment issues include feeling not seen and heard, feeling deep loneliness, perfectionistic tendencies, controlling tendencies, breathlessness, anxiety, depression, feeling a tight belly due to anxiousness, digestive issues, feeling like you can never quite do it right, feeling unlovable, being co-dependent, dis-associative and more.

Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Therapy resonated deeply for me as well as clients. It may be your next step also. It heals this lifetime and all past timelines simultaneously. It involves energetic corrections, tracking the wounds, time traveling back to them, identifying animal totems, journeying, soul reflection and many more ceremonies for connecting with and healing your sacred self.

I continue to train with my teacher, Algonquin Medicine Man, Pete Bernard, and I leave you with his loving words of wisdom from his Tree Meditation recording: “Wherever you are in time space, know that you are beautiful, that the Universe is watching out for you and that it has a plan for you and that is all you need to know right now. Chi Meegwetch.”

Norma Hope is a Spiritual Healer, Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Lymph Therapist, Microcurrent Therapist, Life Coach, NeuroAcoustic Sound Therapist, and more… Visit www.lifesynergyinc.ca or call 780-477-1100.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

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