Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine Therapy

Heal your present, past and future wounds.

ShamanSpiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Therapy can help you heal your present, past and future wounds in all timelines, whether they are presenting as physical symptoms or emotional/spiritual.

Each of us has a purpose in this lifetime. Are you living your life’s purpose? Are you being the person you are truly, authentically, meant to be? Or are you trapped in your wounds, your injuries, your issues and your childhood or past life hurts as I once was? Is your childhood survival programming still running your adult life, covering up your most sacred self that you truly are?

My passion is to help you heal and to have a full life as I do now. I was born into a family of neglect, abuse and trauma. I have fully accepted this was the life plan the universe created for me before I was even born. I chose to become a spiritual warrior, to heal. It was not an easy journey but my spirit is now free as my wounded-ness isn’t who I am anymore.

Spiritual WarriorSpiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Therapy involves returning you to you, healing many past wounds, soul loss and more using Tracking, Spirit Guides, Spirit Journeying through Shamanic Trance, connecting with your Divine Aspect (the part of you who was not wounded), Soul Reflection, Animal Totems and many more ceremonies for aura, spirit, soul allowing you to  connect with and heal your sacred self.

The major wounds of Abandonment, Rejection, Self-worth (Self love), and Betrayal plus other core issues are healable. It is time for you to be a Spiritual Warrior. If not now, when?

Becoming a spiritual warrior is a choice you make to embrace self-discovery, helping you identify and heal your past wounds, injuries or issues. This allows you to become who you truly are

Old wounds cause present day feelings of being not seen and heard, perfectionistic tendencies, breathlessness, anxiety, depression, feeling a tightness in the body, anger/rage, soul separation, digestive issues (constipation/diarrhea), feeling like you can never quite do it right, feeling unlovable, being co-dependent, dis-associative and more.

freeing the butterflyYou can change these old beliefs and co-create the life you are meant to have with the help of sacred council and I as facilitator with the ceremonies and journeys involved with Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine Therapy. Your very sacred self is waiting for you to unburden yourself so you can FLY FREE in your life.

My teacher, Algonquin Medicine Man, Pete Bernard, has these loving words in his Tree Meditation recording: “Wherever you are in time space, know that you are beautiful, that the Universe is watching out for you and that it has a plan for you and that is all you need to know right now. Chi Meegwetch.”

Get the Algonquin Medicine Man Meditation here.

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