Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

The Lymphatic System is one of your body's eleven organ systems. Without this seldom talked about system, your Immune System would be hopelessly impaired and your cardiovascular system would stop working. It is a major part of your body's immune defense system.

Lymphatic-Body-Chart-229x300Your Lymphatic System is very extensive - it is 4 times larger then your blood circulation system. The human body holds about 12 pints of blood as compared to possible 45 pints of lymph fluid. Your blood system has your heart as a pump to keep blood flowing, but the Lymphatic System doesn.t have a pump. Smooth muscles in the lymph vessel walls help its flow but to function properly your body needs activity/exercise to keep the lymph healthy. Regular elimination of bowel waste is also essential.

Lymph Drainage for Improved Health

The Lymphatic System function is to pick up excess fluid from your organs, cells and tissues and return it to the blood system. This lymph fluid originates in and flows through the connective tissue spaces of your entire body into lymph capillaries, to lymph vessels then lymph nodes. The fluid contains wastes such as toxins, bacteria, viruses, proteins, micro-organisms and foreign matter which must be eliminated before this lymph fluid is returned to the bloodstream. The Lymphatic System dumps its toxic waste into your kidneys and intestines where it is then eliminated from your body. Therefore, it is essential for all your elimination systems to be functioning properly for continuous rebuilding and detoxification at a cellular level.

Ideally, the lymph nodes act as filters plus generate different white cells which stimulate your immune response to attack invaders. Lymph nodes help rid the body of infectious agents, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

When your body contains too much waste, the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes become congested and toxic. Symptoms may be: acne, allergies, breast disease, cellulite, cysts/fibroids, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, node pain, PMS, water retention, sinus congestion, or weak immunity such as cold, flu or other symptoms. Lymph Drainage Therapy assists your body in cleansing this system.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Like?

Facial-Lymph-PicClients have indicated it is relaxing and soothing. Your comfort and dignity are always maintained. The Manual drainage application as per the Upledger Institute technique is used or the 'Lustre Millennium' lightbeam device or a combination of both. This helps to disturb stagnant matter at a cellular level to assist in returning the natural flow to the Lymph System. This aids in the removal of wastes plus increases the function of your Immune System.

Returning the natural flow to the Lymphatic System detoxifies your cells and tissues of wastes and assists your immune system in the prevention of sickness and disease.

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