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An emotional charge is felt physically not just emotionally in the body. These charges are also held in the tissues. To decrease or release the emotional charge allows you and your body to function & to increase the joy life has to give. Algorithms in Thought Field Therapy are a way to release the negative emotional charge.

Although thought fields and perturbations (disturbance or upset) are not energy in and of themselves, they require energy for activation. The body’s energy system is activated and comes into play when the person tunes into the emotional problem or upset. In Thought Field Therapy a one-to-one relationship can be readily observed between perturbations in the thought field and energy meridian points on the body. This type of one-to-one relationship is called an isomorphism. For every energy meridian point on the body that is being treated, there is a perturbation that is being removed and thus, the person is freed of emotional and psychological distress.

Body Wisdom Thought Field Therapy teaches you to access your body’s own knowing even more by training your body as a pendulum for maximum effect and zeroing in on causation even more.

TFT-tapping-points-223x300Causal Diagnosis: How the Algorithms Were Discovered

How do we know which energy meridian points on the body to address and in what sequence? In other words, how were the algorithms discovered? When a person is being treated with a Thought Field Therapy algorithm, specific energy meridian points are stimulated in an exact, predetermined sequence. Through the stimulation of the correct treatment points in the correct sequence, the perturbation is collapsed and as a result, all traces of psychological distress are eliminated at their root cause. Much like a combination lock, correct sequence is crucial to the success of the treatment. If you had a correct combination (code) on a lock of 3-27-32-5 and you tried to open the lock with a changed sequence (27-32-5-3, for instance), the lock wouldn't open. The same is true with the codes for Thought Field Therapy algorithms.

The Thought Field Therapy algorithms were developed, not by random trial and error, but through the use of a causal diagnostic procedure that reveals which meridian points to stimulate and in what order. Thought Field Therapy algorithms are recipes previously determined through causal diagnosis for a variety of psychological conditions. These algorithms were developed through work with thousands of clients over a period of several years during the 1980s. In treating clients, it was observed that the same sequence was repeatedly being elicited through diagnosis for particular psychological conditions such as phobias, addictive urges, trauma and several others, If a particular sequence worked for high percentages (80-90%) of people, after treating hundreds of people with a particular psychological problem, this sequence became an algorithm.
Thought Field Therapy Applied

The therapy is taught to the client for use every day to reduce emotional charges throughout the day from simple things like the honking of a horn setting you on edge to dealing with the sometimes seemingly overwhelming demands of spouse, children, job – just life even. The recipes are easy to learn from the first session and even just 3 minutes can take as an example a emotional anger charge of a 10 out of a scale of 1 – 10 to a 4 or even a 0 charge. It is a phenomenal way to assist us in every day events and provides a way to discharge and enjoy again in minutes usually.

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